Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 weeks old

Aubrey had her three week old appointment and she weighed 8lbs 15oz. So, she's gained almost a pound since her birth.

Aubrey drinking from her first bottle. She's growing up so fast!

Visit from Craig's Sisters

This past weekend Craig's sisters and their families came to visit (Michelle lives in Birmingham and Sarah lives in Florida). Both his sister's also have girls and Aubrey had a great time playing with them!All of the girls in their cute matching dresses. They gave Aubrey her dress at one of our baby showers. So sweet!
From l-r: Aubrey, Grace (3 years old), Kate (6 months old) and Isabella (1 1/2 years old)
On Saturday night, they babysat Aubrey so Craig and I went out for dessert.
Michelle and Aubrey

Grace, Sarah and Aubrey

On Saturday morning, Jack and Jeff (our brother-in-laws) ran the Twisted Ankle half-marathon. We had a fun time watching them finish the race and we all enjoyed a picnic after the race.

The finish line! Great job Jack and Jeff!

Visiting my Sister

Last Thursday we went to visit my sister and her kids. My sister just had triplet girls three weeks before Aubrey was born and we finally were able to have them meet for the first time. It was so much fun!
My sister's son Alex (he's six years old) and Aubrey.

It was sooo cute! Anna was touching Aubrey the whole time they were laying next to each other. Anna kept trying to get closer to her.

In order from l-r: Aubrey, Anna, Natalie and Elisabeth

My sister Kim and Aubrey

Mother's Day

It was so awesome to be a mom this Mother's Day. Aubrey is so precious and I am so blessed!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy First Week at Home

Our First Family Picture

Aubrey smiles a lot (on purpose I am sure!) but this is the first time it has been caught on camera.

"Touchdown" position again

Aubrey had her first doctor's appointment. She did great and her doctor was very impressed that she is already weighing close to her birth weight. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz.

This week Lillie started becoming very protective over Aubrey and has become very concerned about her everytime she makes any kind of noise. It is really funny at night because as soon as Aubrey makes a sound, Lillie runs to the edge of the bed and stares at her and then looks at us like she's saying, "Are you going to do something?"

So sweet

Lillie helping change a diaper

Grammy and Aubrey

Pop and Aubrey

Nana came to stay with us this past week and a half and has been a huge help to us as we get settled into homelife. Thank you Nana for all your help!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Six Days OId

I can't believe she's almost a week old!

While Aubrey was having some stretching time, our dog Lillie, dropped her ball for her to throw. We wondered how long it would take for Lillie to do this.

How cute are those lips!

Aubrey's First Bath

Aubrey had her first bath at home and so far, is not a fan of baths. Also, about one second after the last picture below was taken, she decided she had to go poopy (in the towel). Next time we'll know we need to put a diaper on immediately after the bath.

Four Days Old

On Saturday, I unfortunately had to go back to the hospital and get a blood patch. I had a leak in my spinal fluid from the spinal given to me for the c-section. It was basically getting the whole spinal again (not fun) but I'm glad to be feeling 100x better.
Hanging out with Nana

Waving at the camera

Me snuggling with Aubrey after a rough day at the hospital. She is so precious!

Grammy and Pop came to visit that afternoon

Going home!

On Friday, we were discharged from the hospital and went home. We hope you like your new home Aubrey!

Aubrey had her eyes wide open as we packed our stuff. She seems to be alert a lot.

First time in the car seat. She looks so small!

In the car, ready to go home. We took back roads the whole way home because we didn't want to get on the interstate.

This seems to already be Aubrey's favorite sleeping position. It's so cute! We call it the "touchdown" position.

She is already playing hide and seek. She is amazing!

Two days old

Mommy and Aubrey snuggling

Daddy reading a book to Aubrey on her first night to help her fall asleep. As I'm sure you would assume, we did not sleep much the first night...but we didn't mind! I just can't hold her enough.

Aubrey Nicole Grunewald

Aubrey was born on April 29th at 12:02pm. She weighed 8 lbs and 1 oz and was 20 inches long. We love you Aubrey!

Daddy and Aubrey

Both Craig and my parents, Craig's sister Michelle, her husband Jack (also the videographer) and Aubrey's two cousins, Grace and Kate, were all at the hospital to welcome Aubrey.

Grammy (my mom) holding Aubrey while Pop (my dad) takes the picture

Michelle and Aubrey

Nana, Papa (Craig's parents) and Aubrey