Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Decorations and Craig's Run

First a picture of Aubrey in the crawl position. She can get there all by herself but then just goes backwards. So close!

Aubrey was very excited to help put up Christmas decorations.

I'll help with the tree next year daddy!

Playing with and hanging her first ornament.

Aubrey LOVES the snowglobe (I'll post some video later)

Hanging the ornaments on her tree that's in her bedroom

Craig did a great job on the outside lights and the neighbors love them (so do we!). These pictures don't show how many lights and figures there really are.

It snowed on Saturday which was just perfect since Craig was running his Krispy Kreme race with a group of guys from work that morning. He ran 2 miles, ate a dozen donuts and ran 2 more. Craig did great! He finished 3rd but finished 1st if you consider he was the 1st one to finish that kept the donuts down (is this appropriate for a blog?!)
All bundled up. But don't worry, we watched Craig run from our car.

Eating the donuts

Almost finished

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Rabus'

We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with my family (my brother and his family couldn't make it) and as tradition, went shopping on Black Friday at 4am. It was great! My dad babysat Aubrey while the rest of us experienced the insanity.

Playing peek-a-boo (one of her favorite games)

Eating pumpkin (okay, pumpkin pie but it sounded healthier without the pie part)

All the girls slept through Thanksgiving Dinner (well, Kim's girls almost made it all the way through)

Us girls reviewing our individual Kohl's ads and developing our gameplan for the next day

Holding herself up all by herself!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Grunewalds

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we went to Birmingham to celebrate our niece Kate's 1st birthday and to have Thanksgiving dinner with Craig's family. We had a great time and Aubrey had lots of fun at the birthday party. It was a cool place that had outdoor playsets and a bunch of other toys INDOORS!
The Birthday Girl - Happy Birthday Kate! We loved your hat.
The first time on a swing and she really liked it.

A Kindermusik teacher came to the b-day party, which the kids loved. Aubrey was more interested in putting the maraca in her mouth than shaking it.

How cute do the two of them look sitting there watching the teacher! She looks like such a big girl!
Playing with Kate and Aunt Michelle

Our niece Isabella giving Craig fist bumps


Playing with Isabella

Playing with Aunt Sarah

Going down the slide for the first time...she can't wait!

This partying sure makes you sleepy
Aubrey would not let go of the balloon Nana gave her. She fell asleep about 2mns after this picture was taken and still never let go of that balloon.

All the cousins with their Thanksgiving shirts Nana made for them

Kate and Aubrey sitting on Craig. They loved it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Catching Up

These are some cute pictures we took of Aubrey in the small amount of leaves we had. By the time Aubrey is bigger, hopefully our tree will have more leaves for her to jump in to!

She loved playing with the leaves and tried many times to put them in her mouth.

Here's Aubrey helping me with the laundry

Aubrey also enjoys reading the newspaper and educating herself on the most recent headlines

First time on daddy's shoulders. Her favorite part was being able to play with his hair.

Now that we have started using our fireplace, Aubrey loves to watch the flames. It's so funny because every few mns she stopped playing and turned around to watch it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aubrey still loves sticking out her tongue!

Aubrey is doing great on her veggies. I am pureeing her food at home and so far the sweet potatoes are her favorite. She still refuses to eat rice cereal and oatmeal.

All done!
Last Saturday, we went to my parents house to spend more time with my Aunt Dawn. It was so fun to watch all my sisters' girls and Aubrey play. They're getting so big! Aubrey really has a great time with them and they all seem to love touching each other. It's so cute!

All the girls sat in a pack n' play while we ate.

They're all looking up! (Next goal - all looking at the camera)

Here's Elisabeth pushing Aubrey around...hehe She really is just falling and I had the camera out because they were hugging and I was going to take a picture.

Aubrey, Elisabeth and Anna playing