Saturday, August 28, 2010


This has become Aubrey's favorite spot. She loves to sit behind our chairs on the screened-in porch.

If Aubrey's bathing suit is sitting out, she always finds it and puts her arms through the straps. She loves to wear it like a purse and walk around the house.

Craig is in big trouble! He started this new thing with Aubrey where she rides on his back. Well, to no one's surprise, she wants to do it all the time! If you're sitting on the floor, she pushes your back over so she can get on. I must admit, it is pretty adorable!

Pool with Bonnie

Aubrey and I went to my good friend, Bonnie's pool before her boys, Avery and Hayden, had to go back to school. We had so much fun!

Swimming with Bonnie

Aubrey loves Avery and he played with her almost the whole time. It was sooo cute!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blueberry Farm Trip

We did some blueberry picking recently and had such a great time. It was pretty cool to look for those little berries and we're going to make this an annual tradition.

Handing me a blueberry

Funny Pictures

One thing about Aubrey, she LOVES slides. Here we are at the park downtown.

Our little munchkin!

Another one of Aubrey's favorite things to do is wear our shoes or slippers around the house. She is surprisingly pretty good at walking in them. She is always pulling them off our feet and then puts her feet in them.

We went from Aubrey playing with Lillie's water bowl... having her own water table.

Sitting at her "big girl" table. Now when I say, "Aubrey, do you want to eat?" She walks to her table and pulls out a chair.

Coolidge Park Fountains

I see that I am really behind in posting pictures. Here are some pictures from when Aubrey and my sister's girls had lots of fun playing in the fountains at Coolidge Park. Best part for my sister, my mom and I...Sweet Cece's Yogurt! We can't wait for it to cool off a little bit more so we can go again.


Anna wasn't too sure about the water


As you can tell, Aubrey just loves the water!