Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween and more

One day we visited friends of ours that have chickens on their farm. They gave Aubrey two greens eggs from one of their chickens. I think I was more fascinated by them than Aubrey.

My aunt Gwen came to visit from Minnesota and it was so fun to see her! They both really loved meeting Gwen and our dog Lillie wanted to go home with her.

I took this picture of Craig and Aubrey before their date to Disney on Ice. Craig said Aubrey smiled the whole time.

Aubrey was a princess

Craig carved this pumpkin freehand

Going trick or treating with our friends. Aubrey had so much fun and it didn't take any time at all for her to learn to say "trick or treat", get candy and run to the next house.

Our little horse. Basically, I wasn't going to dress her up but then found this costume for so cheap that I went ahead and bought it.

I have lots more pictures and I know I'm really behind but thought I would get at least a few recent pix up for now.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panama City Beach

We just got back from our vacation in Panama City and it was awesome! Aubrey LOVED the pool and we went down 3-4 times a day. We also went to the pool within an hour of getting there the first day. We were surprised that she also really liked the sand, or as she called it "the sandbox". So we went to the beach several times too (or Craig and Aubrey did...I don't like the sand so much).
She can't wait to go to the pool!

I only took pictures of Aubrey in the pool the first day, but she really loved wearing her floatie and kicking her feet (she said she was swimming like Dori), jumping in the pool and playing at the stairs.

We moved the bed to the floor and she was so cute in her little bed.
Picture of Aubrey and I in the pool, taken from our balcony

Before heading out for dinner
Aubrey still didn't want to let Madison go after we took the pictures

Picture taken from our balcony of Craig and Aubrey at the beach

Craig did a great job of finding the best places to eat in PCB. The picture below is taken at the only restaurant that we ate at that had more than 10 tables in the whole place. And yes, that is Aubrey watching her TV. It wasn't worth the battle.

Best fish tacos ever! We didn't bring a camera the day we ate here so we came back and took this picture.

We took all these cute pictures above and then Aubrey got in the mood where this was the only face she was going to make.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hanging Out

Here are just some recent pictures of the girls. Sorry if there are so many, it was hard to choose because there were so many cute ones!
I'm borrowing this wrap from my sister-in-law Sarah to carry Madison. Well, after using it one time, Aubrey wanted to wear it too with her baby so here she is. What a cutie! (And she's a little sweaty b/c we had just gone blueberry pickin' outside.)

I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but Madison is so smiley. She smiles all time, even in the middle of the night!

Aubrey loves to hold her hand. It's so sweet.

Aubrey trying to give Madison her bottle

Too cool for skool (and yes, that is the cool way of writing school)