Sunday, August 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach

This past week we went to Myrtle Beach for vacation. We had a great time and Aubrey was great! She loved hanging out at the pool and the beach. The first picture is of the hotel we stayed in. We stayed in a room on the top floor (Craig always requests this; good thing I'm not afraid of heights!) and it was nice to leave the porch door open all the time and just listen to the waves (which also helped Aubrey sleep well).

View of spa and lazy river from our room.

Just chillin' at the pool

Here's a picture of Aubrey's first time in the pool. We saw some other babies younger than Aubrey in the pool, so we decided to try it. She liked it okay. She didn't splash and play in the water, but she didn't cry either.

Picture of Craig in the lazy river from our room

Sleeping so soundly next to the waterfall that went into the pool

Hanging out at the beach

Aubrey thinks she is ready for adult food. At dinner one night, she kept grabbing Craig's skewer and pulling his plate closer to her.

Don't look behind you Aubrey! (This is at the Tiger Preservation area at Barefoot Landing)

Eating at Hamburger Heaven (we were pretending to be locals). It was delicious, but a very tiny restaurant.

This was Aubrey and my first time night crab hunting on the beach. I was so disappointed, we didn't see any once we actually had bought a flashlight.

Aubrey is such a little giggle box. In the first video, we are in a store and she was laughing for like 10mns. Finally, we decided we probably had enough time to search for the camera to capture the end of it. Lots of people kept coming over to watch her and made comments like, "I thought that was a big kid laughing".

Aubrey learned a new trick while on vacation...she loved to blow with her lips. It's hard to hear and see it in the videos, but we did our best to capture it. Now instead of talking, she does this little trick.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poor Lillie!

We had a rough past few days. Tuesday night, Craig and I were walking with Aubrey and Lillie and we walked past some dogs. Lillie got really excited and wanted to go see them and she got under my feet. While trying so hard not to step on her, I stepped right on her left leg. It was awful and her leg looked terrible (I'm not sure I'll ever forget that image)! We rushed her to the only Emergency Animal Hospital open in Chatt. since it was so late. This was an interesting experience considering we had Aubrey with us and it took a long time. Also, while we were there we saw another Yorkie come in that was hit by a car and I opened the door for a man covered in blood carrying his big dog covered in blood. The little bit of good news, is that Lillie's break was a fairly clean break and they don't think she'll need surgery. I think I was more traumatized than she was. I stayed up and watched TV all night the night it happened because if I tried to go to sleep all I could think of was poor Lillie and her little leg. I took her to her regular vet yesterday and picked her up today. She is in great spirits today and she definitely does not understand she is wearing a cast. She wants to jump up on everything (even though she can't really). This is going to be a rough 12 weeks. The pictures of Lilllie in the green cast are after the Emergency Vet. The pictures of Lillie in the pink cast are after picking her up today.

Here's Lillie sitting on top of our couch while I'm feeding Aubrey. What am I going to do with her?!

Aubrey has definitely kept me smiling. She has talked off and on for a little while, but since Tuesday she talks nonstop it seems. It is so much fun! Even as I'm typing this, she is supposed to be sleeping, but I just hear her talking in her crib.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The thumb!

This weekend, Aubrey learned the art of thumb sucking and I have to admit, it is pretty cute! She really loves her new toy! (Now she is like her cousins Sophie and Elsie).

This was taken while I was changing her diaper.

Waking up in the morning

Lillie dropped her ball for Aubrey to throw
Just a cute picture

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This morning

In an earlier post I had a picture of how Aubrey sleeps all swaddled tight. Those days are gone. Now it's impossible to keep the blanket around her arms. Here's how she looked after this morning's nap...and the video is how she greeted me. One of my favorite things is when I pick her up after a nap. It's the best!

Aubrey loves sitting in her Bumbo. We aren't sure if she is already teething or if this is just typical for a 3 month old, but this past week she has just loved putting things in her mouth. Below she is trying to eat the whale.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

3 month Pictures

Aubrey had her 3 month pictures done this week. Below are some of her pictures. So cute!