Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun weekend

Last weekend was a lot of fun! First, Craig's Uncle Pat and his wife Tina came to visit from Wisconsin. Then, Uncle Jack, Aunt Michelle and cousins, Grace and Kate came to visit. It was great!

Grace and Kate gave Aubrey the cutest books (she can take one of them with her in the bath). Aubrey loves reading them already!

Here's Grace pushing Aubrey in the swing. Aubrey had lots of fun with Grace and would smile at her a lot.

Kate also tried to push Aubrey in the swing

Sunbathing (don't worry, she wasn't really in the sun)

Jack and Grace sliding down the hill at Ross's Landing

Craig and Grace sliding down the hill on their stomachs...so brave! There isn't a picture, but I slid down the hill standing with Grace on my shoulders and then, Aubrey on her shoulders. Yea right!

We ate at Big River downtown and Great Uncle Pat took Aubrey to the bar for her first time. I told her she was no longer to hang out with Uncle Pat! :)

Pat, Tina and Aubrey

Several Firsts

Last night, as we were putting Aubrey in her sleeper, she rolled over all by herself for the first time. She rolled from her back to her tummy and although this is a bad picture, this is what she looked like right after she rolled over.

First time in her activity center. She loved it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots of videos

Everytime Lillie came to her, she just started smiling so much.

I had the hardest time not falling to the floor and laughing while videoing this. I put those foot rattles on her feet (you may have to turn up your volume to hear them) and she really liked them. I know this is a long video but it was too funny.

Just some cute pictures

You can't really tell in this picture but she is holding on to the tag attached to the bird. She grabbed it all by herself! Craig lowered these hanging toys so they would be more within her reach.

Aubrey has always been a lot bigger than her triplet cousins born three weeks before her. Now, Anna (the biggest of the triplets) is her same size!

I had one of Aubrey's sleepers sitting on the couch and Lillie jumped up and made a bed in it. It was so cute.

Aubrey is really starting to like baths now

I just love that lower lip sticking out!

I always forget I have those cute little headbands. Pretty adorable!

This is how Aubrey sleeps if she hasn't worked her arms out.

Aubrey sees herself in the mirror now and she loves it! She smiles and laughs so much. We have video of it posted above.

Look how good I am at tummy time!

Aubrey wearing a Cal Poly shirt...still no Georgia Tech clothes yet.

I just love this picture. It looks like she got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nana and Papa Visit

This past weekend, Nana and Papa came up to visit from Florida. Aubrey had so much fun and loved reading stories, playing and making funny faces with them.

Nana was teaching Aubrey how to stick out her tongue...hopefully she'll forget how before she learns how to eat solids!

Aubrey was having so much fun talking with Papa and thought he was so silly. She was making such cute little faces back at him...see below.

All that smiling sure makes you sleepy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July weekend

This past weekend, my brother, his wife and their two girls came to visit from Oklahoma City. This was the first time Aubrey met her Aunt Susie and her cousins Sophie (2 1/2 years) and Elsie (11 months). These are some pictures from the week they were here.

My brother and his family, my parents and my sister and her family all hanging out on the 4th.

My parents couldn't wait to have grandchildren and now they have 7!

One afternoon we went to a farm(??) in Dalton to see the animals.

Sophie and Aubrey petting the donkey

Uncle Mike, Aunt Susie and Elsie with Aubrey

Aubrey had so much fun with her Aunt Susie!

All the girls

Elsie playing with Aubrey

Sophie, Aubrey and Aunt Susie

My whole family eating dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It was a little embarrassing to ask for five highchairs!

This picture is so funny to me...Alex is such a pro. He can put pacifiers in his sisters' mouths without even looking.

Sophie loved the water and looking for fish

So sunny!

Craig sliding down the hill on cardboard with Alex