Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Trip to Sam's Club

This week my mom, my sister and I were brave enough to take Aubrey and my sister's kids to Sam's Club. This was the triplets first outing to the store. It actually went really well and we were quite a sight to see with four carriers. (My mom took a better picture and I will post it once I get a copy of it).

Aubrey thought the song my sister was singing was so silly.

Alex also joined in on the fun (I don't think I mentioned it before but out of Aubrey's nine cousins, Alex is the only boy...poor Alex!)

Alex has had lots of practice with his three little sisters and was so good with Aubrey. He kept trying to rub her head and her belly and play his police car toy music to stop her from crying.

Aubrey showing grammy she is "so big!"

Father's Day

It was soooo hot the weekend of Father's Day so we opened presents at home and then went out for ice cream later that night. Aubrey gave Craig a digital picture frame so he can look at pictures of her while he is at work. She also gave him one of his most favorite foods...a cookie cake!
It was very sunny on the way to get ice cream.


Aubrey just loves standing and is so good at it.

We also discovered she really likes to sit and bounce on the leg.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meeting Uncle Mike

Today my brother Mike, who is a pilot, flew into the Chattanooga airport and had just enough time to meet us for lunch. It was awesome for Aubrey to see him (he lives in Oklahoma City) and she can't wait to meet her Aunt Susie and her cousins, Sophie and Elsie!
After lunch, we went to the airport to watch him take off. He waved the plane's wing at us as he flew off. It was so cool!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seven Weeks Old

It is so fun now that Aubrey is smiling so much! It is the best feeling when she smiles back at you. We spent a few days at Grammy's house this week and had such a great time! Below she is loving being outside with Grammy.

Just relaxing on Grammy's bed

You probably can't tell in the picture, but she is standing with her legs locked.

Tummy time!

She just loves holding onto those little toys on the bouncers.

It gets a little crowded on the rocking chair sometimes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reading Already

Reading one of my favorites "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"

Aubrey has been talking a lot lately (okay, mostly "ahhhing"). I will feel so bad for Craig if she talks as much as I do!

Trying to hold her bottle

Reaching for the camera

Going to her first Birthday Party

Aubrey went to her first Birthday Party this Saturday. It was for our neighbor Cody. Below is Cody's dad (Scott) trying to talk her into going to Georgia for college. As you can see, she is not a fan of that idea.

Cody opening presents while Aubrey sleeps

Here's the biggest kid in our family playing in the blow-up obstacle course.

She was exhausted from her day (snuggling with our other neighbor James)

Fun with the Gaillards

Our good friends Rhys and Bonnie and their cute boys came over Saturday to play with Aubrey. We had so much fun!
Bonnie, Hayden, Avery and Aubrey

Rhys and Aubrey

Avery did such a good job holding Aubrey

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 Month Old

We can't believe Aubrey is already one month old. It has gone so fast! One of Craig and my favorite things to do is to go to downtown Chattanooga and walk around the downtown area, the walking bridge and Coolidge Park. We couldn't wait to be able to take her there and decided to try it last Friday night since it was so nice out. We had a great time and ate at Mellow Mushroom and then strolled around. We were lucky she was very happy that night and we didn't have to take our food "to go".

On the walking bridge

Today, I am pretty sure Aubrey smiled intentionally at me. I was talking to her and making weird noises and she kept smiling for a long time. So, I quickly ran to get the camera and at least caught this grin in a picture.

This past week, since Aubrey is crying so much because of her reflux, Lillie now avoids whatever room she is in. It is really funny though! If she and I are in the family room, Lillie is sleeping in our bed. As soon as we walk into our bedroom, she jumps off the bed and goes to our couch in the family room to sleep. I purposely laid Aubrey next to Lillie for this picture and sure enough, soon after, Lillie jumped off the bed and went into the family room.

I also think we are going to have to buy another boppy since this is one of Lillie's favorite sleeping spots.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but Aubrey was pouting with her cute lower lip sticking out.

Aubrey started having her baths in the little bath tub. She seemed to like it a little bit better.

Aubrey LOVES to be held, so we bought this swing so that maybe she would enjoy sleeping in this also since it mimics the rocking motion. This is a picture of her first time in the swing.

Look very closely in this picture...she made a little hole in one of her mittens and she always finds a way to stick her little finger out of it. So cute!