Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend fun in Birmingham

This weekend we went to Birmingham to visit Craig's sister, Michelle, and her family. We had such a great time! We went to the Greek Food Festival Friday night which was perfect for me since two of my college roommates were Greek and I hadn't had Greek food since college.

Aubrey with her Aunt Michelle and cousin Kate

Playing with cousin Grace

It was so cute to watch Grace and Aubrey playing together.

I love this picture

On Saturday, we went to the Children's Museum since it was raining outside. Unfortunately, Grace's soccer game was cancelled so we missed seeing her first game, but we had lots of fun at the museum.

Aubrey liked reaching for the ball

They had these blank screens with images projected on them and depending on where you stood, they would do different things. In this picture, the butterflies were flying and landing all over them (they didn't really show up in the picture very well; there was a big one on Craig's arm).

Collecting the falling pebbles

Craig laying on a bed of nails

Playing in the 2yrs and younger area

Aubrey's favorite thing to do was play with the giant lite bright

Looking at the fish

Reaching for the jellyfish

Uncle Jack and Aubrey

Aunt Michelle, Aubrey and cousin Kate

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eating rice cereal

Last night we gave Aubrey rice cereal for the first time. It went better than I thought and quite a bit of it made it in her mouth.
Holding the spoon herself

Near the end, she wasn't sure she wanted anymore

Aubrey loves to put her feet in her mouth now and suck her toes. Craig thinks it's so cute, but I think it's kind of gross!

Aubrey likes to pull off her socks when she's napping.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time to childproof the home!

I was getting Aubrey's bath ready and left her on her back in the center of the playmat. After just pouring the water, I walked back into the room and this was how I found her. She was also just about to roll again onto the hardwood floor but I caught her in time.
Just some other cute pictures

Not so sure about this flying thing

If anything is within reach it goes into the mouth, but I had no idea that it would include the Bumbo!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun times

Aubrey likes to touch her "touch and feel" book

Elmo is the first and only character Aubrey smiles at when she sees him. She started this about 2 months ago. Now, when I read her the Elmo book, she reaches for him. I feel so bad because there's nothing for her to grab on to.

Watching the GT/Clemson game with our friends Rhys and Bonnie and their two cute boys. Two on one was not enough to stop GT (GT 30 - Clemson 27).

Watching her first football game with daddy. Craig has high hopes she'll like football more than I do.

Playing on the Jump & Go; so far she's more interested in playing with the toys rather than jumping, but I know it will be soon.

Aubrey loves playing with her activity center!

Just posing for the camera first

Everyone did say when she was born that she was going to be a pianist since she had such long fingers! Play, play, play!

Take a break to suck the thumb

Play some more

Take time to smile for the camera

Loves the toes!

So cute

Aubrey is such a roller. One night she rolled under our coffee table.

Poor Lillie! We miss her so much. She has been at the vet all week because the cast rubbed a hole into her leg (those were the vets words). She is such a tough dog. She never told us she was in pain and we took her in because she was smelling so bad and wanted to see why (I had called the week prior and they said it was probably from her licking and it getting wet under the cast). She has only had her broken leg three weeks and she has been through four casts, sedated six times and on all kinds of medicines. It has been awful!

The picture above is of Lillie snuggling into Aubrey's blanket taken over a week ago. I literally had just picked Aubrey up and Lillie walks over and starts making a bed. It seems everything Aubrey touches, Lillie wants to snuggle or rub against it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 months old

Aubrey is now 4 months old and it feels like it has gone so fast. She is so much fun and always makes me smile. Today we had her 4 month check-up and she weighs 14 lbs 2 oz (50th percentile) and is 24 1/2 inches long (75th percentile). She is rolling so much these past few weeks and last night I caught one time on video. So cute!