Monday, April 26, 2010

Hanging out with Sarah and Elaina

A few weeks ago Craig's sister Sarah and Aubrey's youngest cousin Elaina spent a few days with us. We had lots of fun and Aubrey loved playing with Elaina. It was very sweet.

We went to the fabulous Chattanooga Zoo. It's always an interesting experience but we did see this peacock with its feathers open which was pretty cool.

So sweet

Triplet Cousins Birthday Party

My sister's triplet girls were born three weeks before Aubrey so they turned one on April 7th. We had a great time at their Birthday party.

Again, showing us she is "so big"

Playing with Anna

Auntie Kim and Aubrey

Little Sweetie Pie

While I was vacuuming, Aubrey discovered the Kleenex box. And lucky for me, it was a new box.

This was so cute! Lillie would go hide under our bed and Aubrey would reach for her and scream. They both were having the best time!

Craig taking pictures of these two while I was on the phone outside. They really have become best friends.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Aubrey had an awesome and busy first Easter. On Good Friday, we had a dinner and a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt at church. It was a blast!

Picture of Aubrey showing us she is "sooo big"

This new facial expression has seemed to have replaced her fishy face.

Aubrey did a lot of crawling that night

Easter day with Pop and Grammy

Playing with the Little People she got from Pop and Grammy while we cooked for brunch

Later that afternoon, our neighbors and us did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. One neighbor put a bunch of Little People in eggs for Aubrey and another boy that is 1 year old. Aubrey loved it but didn't like the grass at all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our little munchkin!

Before I post any Easter pictures, I had to post these pictures and video from today of our little stinker! Yesterday, Craig moved one side of the gate to leave a three inch opening for Lillie to be able to go up/down the stairs at her free will. Well, it didn't take long for Aubrey to find the opening, open it bigger and get to the stairs.

How cute is this!

Yes, she still loves making the fishy face.

For the past week, Aubrey has loved feeding Lillie her food. Lillie is very gentle and eats it straight from her hand. Best buds!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend in Birmingham

One weekend ago, we spent the entire weekend in Birmingham. We got to spend time with Craig's family, attend Craig's childhood friends' wedding and celebrate Grace's 4th birthday (Aubrey's cousin).

We had the Rehearsal Dinner Friday night and hung out with Grace and Kate at the park on Saturday.
She wasn't too sure about the swing this time.

I love the sunglasses (even though she never leaves them on)!

Pictures from the wedding

Playing with Grace before we left

Dancing with Papa

We got to meet Aubrey's newest cousin, Elaina. Another girl cousin!

Trying to walk

But crawled tons!

Sarah, Elaina, Aubrey and Craig all dancing

On Sunday, we went to Grace's "Pinkalicious" birthday party. Aubrey had lots of fun!

Kate showing Aubrey how to have a tea party

The Birthday Girl!

Aubrey's other cousin Isabella. All the girls wore tutu's and did silly dances on this stage.