Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poor Lillie!

We had a rough past few days. Tuesday night, Craig and I were walking with Aubrey and Lillie and we walked past some dogs. Lillie got really excited and wanted to go see them and she got under my feet. While trying so hard not to step on her, I stepped right on her left leg. It was awful and her leg looked terrible (I'm not sure I'll ever forget that image)! We rushed her to the only Emergency Animal Hospital open in Chatt. since it was so late. This was an interesting experience considering we had Aubrey with us and it took a long time. Also, while we were there we saw another Yorkie come in that was hit by a car and I opened the door for a man covered in blood carrying his big dog covered in blood. The little bit of good news, is that Lillie's break was a fairly clean break and they don't think she'll need surgery. I think I was more traumatized than she was. I stayed up and watched TV all night the night it happened because if I tried to go to sleep all I could think of was poor Lillie and her little leg. I took her to her regular vet yesterday and picked her up today. She is in great spirits today and she definitely does not understand she is wearing a cast. She wants to jump up on everything (even though she can't really). This is going to be a rough 12 weeks. The pictures of Lilllie in the green cast are after the Emergency Vet. The pictures of Lillie in the pink cast are after picking her up today.

Here's Lillie sitting on top of our couch while I'm feeding Aubrey. What am I going to do with her?!

Aubrey has definitely kept me smiling. She has talked off and on for a little while, but since Tuesday she talks nonstop it seems. It is so much fun! Even as I'm typing this, she is supposed to be sleeping, but I just hear her talking in her crib.


Michelle Carney said...

Oh no! Poor Lillie and poor Laura!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Lillie. :(
I know you must feel absolutely horrible about the whole thing. It wasn't your falt. I am sure Lillie will forgive you.