Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun times

Aubrey likes to touch her "touch and feel" book

Elmo is the first and only character Aubrey smiles at when she sees him. She started this about 2 months ago. Now, when I read her the Elmo book, she reaches for him. I feel so bad because there's nothing for her to grab on to.

Watching the GT/Clemson game with our friends Rhys and Bonnie and their two cute boys. Two on one was not enough to stop GT (GT 30 - Clemson 27).

Watching her first football game with daddy. Craig has high hopes she'll like football more than I do.

Playing on the Jump & Go; so far she's more interested in playing with the toys rather than jumping, but I know it will be soon.

Aubrey loves playing with her activity center!

Just posing for the camera first

Everyone did say when she was born that she was going to be a pianist since she had such long fingers! Play, play, play!

Take a break to suck the thumb

Play some more

Take time to smile for the camera

Loves the toes!

So cute

Aubrey is such a roller. One night she rolled under our coffee table.

Poor Lillie! We miss her so much. She has been at the vet all week because the cast rubbed a hole into her leg (those were the vets words). She is such a tough dog. She never told us she was in pain and we took her in because she was smelling so bad and wanted to see why (I had called the week prior and they said it was probably from her licking and it getting wet under the cast). She has only had her broken leg three weeks and she has been through four casts, sedated six times and on all kinds of medicines. It has been awful!

The picture above is of Lillie snuggling into Aubrey's blanket taken over a week ago. I literally had just picked Aubrey up and Lillie walks over and starts making a bed. It seems everything Aubrey touches, Lillie wants to snuggle or rub against it.


Michelle Carney said...

I don't know what it is about Elmo but he's all the cousins' favorite!

Mike and Susanne said...

We miss you guys! Wish Aubrey could come over and play!