Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in Florida

We spent Christmas in Florida with Craig's family and had lots of fun playing golf and pickleball! (We also enjoyed the 70 degree weather).

We spent lots of time riding to places in the golf cart
Us with cousins Grace and Isabella

Aubrey played and slept in the golf cart while we played golf. She loves being outside!

Aubrey never keeps the sunshade up, she always pushes it down.

Sitting in Nana and Papa's "wonder chair"

Dancing with daddy at the square (I'm already getting teary-eyed thinking about her dancing with Craig on her wedding day)

Dancing with Nana and Papa

Lunch on Christmas Eve (Just wish I could have finished one of the best hamburgers I ever had) hehe

Aubrey started holding her hands together a lot recently. She must spend a lot of time in prayer...that's my girl!

Dinner on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

All the cousins
Craig did a great job getting them all to look up; the only problem was he wasn't taking the picture

Opening her first present
Is this what I do with this toy?

Opening presents is sure exhausting

Such a giggle-box

All the girls with Nana and Papa wearing shirts that says "I love mommy and daddy but nana and papa are the best"

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Michelle Carney said...

Well... you did leave the hamburger in your diaper bag on the floor.... :)
And I believe it's "Wonda Chair" (just because that sounds more ghetto, like it is)