Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hanging out with the triplets and more pictures

This is now how Aubrey is when I get her in the mornings and after her naps. I LOVE it!

I think those stairs have a magnet on them drawing Aubrey to them. We have a gate up now (but had to get a picture). Now she just pulls up on the gate and yells.

Someone else really likes Lillie's food in this house!

Here's a few pictures of Aubrey sitting how she usually does. Such a lady with her legs crossed.

We always have a great time with my sister Kim and her triplet girls. Aubrey loves playing with them and talks to them lots. I don't have as much stuff at my house for four babies so we improvised during their feeding time.

Aubrey has such an attachment to Anna and tries to play with her lots and touch her. It's really hilarious because Anna is the most apprehensive towards other people of the three.

Climbing on Anna

Celebrating Kim's birthday in Chattanooga

Again, reaching towards Anna

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