Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day

We had a really fun Father's Day. We celebrated mostly on Saturday and Aubrey first surprised Craig in bed that morning with his gifts. (By the way, I will be posting videos later of Aubrey walking; I keep getting the "error" message tonight).

We went to IHOP for breakfast and then went to a new "Spray Water Playground" that just opened up in Chattanooga. Aubrey had the BEST time! (We also went out for pizza later). Craig, I always knew you would be the greatest father and you truly are the best. I love you and Aubrey definitely has you wrapped around her little finger!

This cake is kind of a funny story. First, when I ordered it, I asked for the cake to be done in yellow (for GT) and although this picture makes the writing appear yellow, it was actually Tennessee orange. Secondly, I requested white cake inside, but it came chocolate. Oh well! It was still very good!

Aubrey's favorite part of the spraygrounds was this slide. No matter where we put her down, she would walk straight back to the slide.

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Michelle Carney said...

Look at those guns Craig! Happy Father's Day!
And we can't wait to try out the new park!