Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop at St. Louis

We also stopped in St. Louis on our way home from WI since it was about half-way and we had never been before. We had a great time and first went to the Zoo there. The zoo was huge and did I mention that it was FREE!
Having a staring contest

I had to include this picture of the hyena. It was really creepy looking.

Aubrey's favorite animal were the elephants. She didn't want to leave their area.

Studying the map so we knew where to go next

These orangutans walked up to where we were standing and started snuggling and put this sheet over them.

This orangutan was ENORMOUS! You had to see it. It had to have been as big as King Kong!

Cute kangaroos

Aubrey thought it was hilarious to put her ball in her mouth. Then she would open my mouth with her hands, put the ball in my mouth, and put her hand under my chin and shut my jaw. She is so silly!

Of course, we had to go up in the arch while we were there. It was really cool and Aubrey did great on the ride up/down. She didn't like it at the top though.
The little windows you look out at the top

This is what the "car" looks like that you ride up/down in. 5 people fit very tightly. On the way down, we sat with another couple and their two kids. Good thing they were nice and normal!

This is the view of the arch we had from our hotel window. Not too shabby!

Look closely at the top and you will see little black rectangles. Those were the windows we looked out at the top.

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