Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lots of Pictures

I'll try to catch up some since it has been awhile. Everything is going great. Madison is such a smiley little baby and as you'll see in pictures below, Aubrey still loves to hug her and say, "Hi Madison, goo, goo, goo"!

First time sitting in bumbo

My Aunt Dawn was visiting from AZ and we got some good pictures of them laughing and smiling together

I started doing a workout video and here's some pictures of Aubrey doing it with me. She loves to "exercise" and wears a headband just like me.

First Friday pizza and movie night. We watched Yogi Bear.

With Craig's parents

Rocking her Barbie to sleep while driving her car

This is just such a funny facial expression!

Aubrey driving her new little car for her b-day

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Cassie said...

Great pictures! I especially love Aubrey's workout poses. :D