Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 Month Old

We can't believe Aubrey is already one month old. It has gone so fast! One of Craig and my favorite things to do is to go to downtown Chattanooga and walk around the downtown area, the walking bridge and Coolidge Park. We couldn't wait to be able to take her there and decided to try it last Friday night since it was so nice out. We had a great time and ate at Mellow Mushroom and then strolled around. We were lucky she was very happy that night and we didn't have to take our food "to go".

On the walking bridge

Today, I am pretty sure Aubrey smiled intentionally at me. I was talking to her and making weird noises and she kept smiling for a long time. So, I quickly ran to get the camera and at least caught this grin in a picture.

This past week, since Aubrey is crying so much because of her reflux, Lillie now avoids whatever room she is in. It is really funny though! If she and I are in the family room, Lillie is sleeping in our bed. As soon as we walk into our bedroom, she jumps off the bed and goes to our couch in the family room to sleep. I purposely laid Aubrey next to Lillie for this picture and sure enough, soon after, Lillie jumped off the bed and went into the family room.

I also think we are going to have to buy another boppy since this is one of Lillie's favorite sleeping spots.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but Aubrey was pouting with her cute lower lip sticking out.

Aubrey started having her baths in the little bath tub. She seemed to like it a little bit better.

Aubrey LOVES to be held, so we bought this swing so that maybe she would enjoy sleeping in this also since it mimics the rocking motion. This is a picture of her first time in the swing.

Look very closely in this picture...she made a little hole in one of her mittens and she always finds a way to stick her little finger out of it. So cute!

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Hank Welch said...

awesome blog and awesome pics! Amanda, Hayes, and I can't wait to hang out with you guys and to hold Aubrey. Talk to you guys soon!