Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Trip to Sam's Club

This week my mom, my sister and I were brave enough to take Aubrey and my sister's kids to Sam's Club. This was the triplets first outing to the store. It actually went really well and we were quite a sight to see with four carriers. (My mom took a better picture and I will post it once I get a copy of it).

Aubrey thought the song my sister was singing was so silly.

Alex also joined in on the fun (I don't think I mentioned it before but out of Aubrey's nine cousins, Alex is the only boy...poor Alex!)

Alex has had lots of practice with his three little sisters and was so good with Aubrey. He kept trying to rub her head and her belly and play his police car toy music to stop her from crying.

Aubrey showing grammy she is "so big!"

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