Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Aubrey had a great 1st Halloween. She was a little Yellow Jacket (and so was Lillie). We stayed at home and Grammy, my mom, came over. Craig went trick-or-treating with the neighborhood dads and their kids. Craig and Aubrey only trick-or-treated at one home, so Aubrey got one piece of candy (Whoppers!) and really just rode in the stroller the rest of the way. My mom and I stayed home and passed out candy. One of our neighbors brought Aubrey baby food for her "treat". My other neighbor gave her a cute stuffed Halloween bear for her "treat".

Playing with Lillie's wing

The back of Lillie's costume

Grammy and Aubrey

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating

Here's a picture of the one house Aubrey went to

So happy after trick-or-treating

Taking pictures next to our decorations

Aubrey and her Halloween bag

Aubrey treasuring her one piece of candy

Trick-or-treating sure makes you hungry. She's still wearing her mittens.

It's time for bed, but as you can see, Aubrey didn't want Halloween to be over already. However, she did fall asleep within 2mns of laying her down in her crib.

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