Friday, May 7, 2010

Trip to Oklahoma

A few weeks ago, my mom, Aubrey and I drove to Oklahoma to visit my brother, his wife and their two little girls, Sophie and Elsie. We had the best time!

Aubrey talking to daddy while we were on our road trip

My mom and I started singing in the car and I turned around to look at Aubrey and this is what she looked like. I'm sure it was because of my mom's voice, not mine!

Giving Aubrey our improvised bath at the hotel

We made it to my brother's new house and immediately all the girls started playing and laughing with each other. They all crawled under the coffee table and played.

Bath time with everyone was always so fun for Aubrey

We went and got frozen yogurt the first night we were there (all the girls were in their PJ's; don't worry, us adults wore our normal clothes!). We ate lots of frozen yogurt while we were there. I wish we had a place like that here!

Aubrey was shy towards my brother, Mike, at first so he was trying his hardest to get her to laugh. Aubrey never did, but the rest of us were laughing.

Playing on Sophie's bed

Shopping with Elsie at Target

The girls playing in the sandbox my brother built in their backyard. Mike was burying all the girls feet but Aubrey was not a fan of the sand on her feet so it was always funny to watch her lift her feet up every time Mike tried to cover them with sand. Maybe next time Mike!

First time eating beets and I've finally found a vegetable she does not like! (Notice Mike wearing his Dwight Schrute shirt from The Office)

Sophie's air mattress was the biggest hit with the girls. They all loved playing on it.

Trying out two pigtails

We decided to go with one ponytail

OK City has such an awesome zoo so we went there one day and had a great time

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