Monday, July 20, 2009

Just some cute pictures

You can't really tell in this picture but she is holding on to the tag attached to the bird. She grabbed it all by herself! Craig lowered these hanging toys so they would be more within her reach.

Aubrey has always been a lot bigger than her triplet cousins born three weeks before her. Now, Anna (the biggest of the triplets) is her same size!

I had one of Aubrey's sleepers sitting on the couch and Lillie jumped up and made a bed in it. It was so cute.

Aubrey is really starting to like baths now

I just love that lower lip sticking out!

I always forget I have those cute little headbands. Pretty adorable!

This is how Aubrey sleeps if she hasn't worked her arms out.

Aubrey sees herself in the mirror now and she loves it! She smiles and laughs so much. We have video of it posted above.

Look how good I am at tummy time!

Aubrey wearing a Cal Poly shirt...still no Georgia Tech clothes yet.

I just love this picture. It looks like she got caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

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Mike and Susanne said...

She already seems so much older than when we were out there!! They grow so fast! Aubrey, you are adorable! I also love that cute lower lip! Your cousins miss you!