Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun weekend

Last weekend was a lot of fun! First, Craig's Uncle Pat and his wife Tina came to visit from Wisconsin. Then, Uncle Jack, Aunt Michelle and cousins, Grace and Kate came to visit. It was great!

Grace and Kate gave Aubrey the cutest books (she can take one of them with her in the bath). Aubrey loves reading them already!

Here's Grace pushing Aubrey in the swing. Aubrey had lots of fun with Grace and would smile at her a lot.

Kate also tried to push Aubrey in the swing

Sunbathing (don't worry, she wasn't really in the sun)

Jack and Grace sliding down the hill at Ross's Landing

Craig and Grace sliding down the hill on their stomachs...so brave! There isn't a picture, but I slid down the hill standing with Grace on my shoulders and then, Aubrey on her shoulders. Yea right!

We ate at Big River downtown and Great Uncle Pat took Aubrey to the bar for her first time. I told her she was no longer to hang out with Uncle Pat! :)

Pat, Tina and Aubrey

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